vrecko is written in C++ and uses OpenScenGraph graphics library for scene rendering which brings many advantages, e.g. the usage of the scene graph and simple setup of uncommon rendering views.

  • Almost all hardware devices which are located in the HCI laboratory at FI MUNI are already supported.
  • Development of new plug-ins is extremely fast – all general operations (such as rendering, device support and event handling) are already built-in. Therefore you may fully focus on the logical structure of your application.
  • Moreover, you’re free to use any of the existing plug-ins to your advantage.

Composition of several various plug-ins may lead to creation of a specialized application which may be used for

  • rendering of a dynamically generated and hierarchically structured world (which contains e.g. terrain, cities, road networks and/or various natural elements),
  • artistic creations such as free hand painting in 3D space, geometrical and string sculptures or fractal rendering,
  • real-time motion capture
  • and other.