Supported hardware

The following list of hardware devices is supported by vrecko framework (level of support may vary).

Output devices

  • Canvas (2 m x 1.5 m) providing stereoscopic projection.
  • 120 Hz monitors with stereoscopic support.
  • 5.1 THX certified surround sound speaker system.

Input devices

  • NaturalPoint Optitrack – an optical motion tracking system which tracks position and orientation of several reflexive markers simultaneously.
  • Nintento Wiimotes – wireless Bluetooth controllers which support classic button input along with position and orientation tracking. Since the tracking is handled more precisely by Optitrack, the Wiimotes are mainly used for classic button while allowing user a greater freedom of movement.
  • Sensable Phantom (currently sold as Geomagic Touch X)
  • Reachin
  • SpacePilot Pro 3D mice
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Leap Motion – high-precision device which tracks user’s hands and fingers using two infrared cameras

Older equipment

(no longer actively supported)

  • Ascension Nest of Birds
  • Polhemus Fastrak