vrecko is an open source project released under GNU General Public License.

For Users — Current Snapshot

The following snapshot contains compiled, executable version of vrecko framework with several example applications. All required libraries and data files are also included.

Direct download: vrecko snapshot (version: 0.99; 68MB .zip file).
Mirror: vrecko at sourceforge.

To run one of example applications, download and extract the content of the package. Open “Examples” folder, open one of sub-folders and run executable .bat file.

For Developers

If you are interested in an active developement of vrecko project, please contact us.

If you wish to compile vrecko by yourself, you can download the latest version of source codes and data files from our repositories. You will also need so-called vreckopack. See the Compilation chapter of vrecko manual if you’re not yet familiar with the compilation process.

vrecko pack

Contains several additional 3rd party libraries which are used and required by vrecko. These files often do not change for a long period of time.

vrecko pack download page

SVN — Source Codes Repository

You may download the most recent version of vrecko source codes from the SVN repository, using the following settings.

  • URL of repository:
  • Checkout directory: <vreckoDIR>\vrecko
  • Checkout depth: Fully recursive
  • Revision: HEAD revision

where <vreckoDIR> is the folder which contains the unpacked contents of vrecko pack.

SVN — Data Repository

You will also need the following data repository if you wish to launch any vrecko-based application.

  • URL of repository:
  • Checkout directory: <vreckoDIR>\vrecko\bin
  • Checkout depth: Fully recursive
  • Revision: HEAD revision


The documentation of the current version of vrecko source codes is available in online form. If you find yourself in such need, you may download its offline version in the following package. Use the index.html file as the initial entry point.

Download vrecko documentation (31 MB, .zip file)