Coding conventions

General, C++

  • For C++ source codes, use only *.h and *.cpp filename extensions
  • Names of classes, structures and type definitions should be in upper CamelCase notation, e.g. “EventDispatcher”. Avoid the usage of underscore (‘_’) character.


  • Always create an example batch file along with example XML file(s) when creating a new ability or plug-in.
  • When creating/modifying an ability/plug-in, create a PDF document which contains the following info:
    • Description of the ability (plug-in).
    • Instructions which cover the basic usage.
    • List of files (source codes, XML files, media resources, etc.) on which the functionality of the ability (plug-in) is dependent.
  • Use spaces (instead of tabs) for indentation.


  • Create documentation for every class you create.
  • Write all documentation in English, using Javadoc/Doxygen syntax.
  • Place the documentation in header files, next to the class/method declarations.
  • Use an appropriate amount of individual commentaries inside of method definitions.