Existing plug-ins

vrecko Core

The basis of vrecko consists of the following projects:

vrecko Complete

The basic functionality of vrecko Core may be expanded by a various selection of plug-ins.

Obsolete plug-ins

The following plug-ins are no longer actively supported by vrecko and their files are not part of Visual Studio solution or SVN repositories anymore. Some of them are not functional in the current vrecko release anymore, others were renamed and their old name is stated here in order to avoid confusion.

Still, you may happen to find an obsolete reference to any of them in commentaries of some of the existing projects. However, you should be safe to ignore them.

If you’re one of the vrecko senior developers, you may also encounter some of their files in case you have an older release or some parts of it were not deleted during update.

  • Atmospheric ~ Former name of the Clouds ability which is now part of the Nature plug-in.
  • CameraMovement ~ The similar and expanded functionality is available as part of CameraPath plug-in.
  • DynamicArt ~ Former name of the ArtKit plug-in.
  • Filter ~ Old plug-in which was used to filter input data from some of the obsolete hardware input devices.
  • Garden ~ Former name of the LSystems plug-in.
  • HapticCollisionApp
  • Modeller ~ Functionally replaced by ArtKit.
  • ODE ~ Old plug-in used for collision detection; nowadays replaced by PhysXPlugin.
  • Polyhedra ~ New and improved version is currently in development as a part of ArtKit plug-in.
  • RoomEdit ~ Apartment editing tool. Avoid any usage of its code, in case you happen to encounter it – it was written in a contradiction to the idea of the vrecko editor (contains a single tool which has sub-tools).