AP: Art Kit

Plug-in for artistic experiments in a virtual environment. Contains a basic environment common to all experiments. Use the InputConnector and GUI plug-ins for simpler work with input devices and user interface.

The following art techniques are currently available in scope of Art Kit:

  • Freehand Painting – allows user to freely paint in 3D space (replaces older plug-in Modeller).
  • Polyhedra based sculptures – allows to design geometrical sculptures based on symmetrical polyhedra.
  • Motion Visualization – enables visualisation of user’s motions.
  • Chaotic Attractors – supports rendering of the chaotic attractors.
  • String sculptures – tool which allows user to design string sculptures and their physical interaction (using PhysX™ engine by NVIDIA®).

For more informations, see also VEKVA page.

Created by

  • Jiří Chmelík (Art Environment, Freehand Painting, Motion Visualization, Polyhedra sculptures)
  • Martin Bezděka (Chaotic Attractors, String Sculptures)