AP: InputConnector

Plug-in for merging and simplifying work with different input devices (keyboard & mouse, OptiTrack, Wiimotes, Kinect, etc.). Its use is not necessary, but recommended – most connections can be defined “directly” as well.

Plug-in works as an agent between the input devices and other parts of vrecko – all events from input devices are sent to InputConnector, which processes them, saves and eventually sends them to other recipients. This solution has several advantages:

  • less number of necessary interconnections,
  • other parts of vrecko have a unified access to data from input devices,
  • the chain of responsibility pattern can be applied,
  • saving data that are often needed – sensor positions, selection-by-pointing, etc.

These advantages simplify the work with input devices when developing new plug-ins and may also speed up the running of vrecko (smaller amount of sent messages, elimination of duplicate computations, etc.).

Created by

  • Jiří Chmelík (author)