AP: Nature

Plug-in Nature consists of multiple abilities which allow user to create (usually by means of stochastic generation) and render different elements of natural world such as:

  • Clouds – generates and renders volumetric clouds in a given space.

  • Grass – covers any surface with detailed grass (supports LOD for surfaces which are further from camera).

  • Terrain – supports generation and display of terrain block of any resolution, generated by one of three different algorithms or loaded from a height map.

  • Weather – adds simple weather effects such as rain or snow (using OSG particles) to the scene.

Created by

  • Jakub Křoupal (author – Clouds, bachelor thesis)
  • Rastislav Tisovčík (author – Terrain, bachelor thesis; update – Clouds)
  • Martin Jirman (author – Grass, HCI project)
  • Martin Bezděka (author – Weather)