AP: ObjectUtils

Gathers various useful utilities which may be useful in different situations. Among the available are:

  • Animator – Allows for animating motion and transparency using defined vertices, different types of interpolation (linear, sine) and different loop types (loop, no loop, BiDi [= back and forth]). Its simple form (from-to) can be edited using the AnimatorEditor plugin.
  • ConnectionViz – Displays data connection of the current object with others.
  • CopyProperties – Copies the attributes of another object (e.g. position in every frame).
  • KeepOnScreen – Keeps the object at a set position on screen.
  • MTMatrixTransform – Duplicates MatrixTransform of the current object for use in a thread (used in Phantom).
  • ObjectEffect – Adds an effect (color, transparency, normal display, visible bounding box, voxel field display etc.) to the owner object which represents object selection.
  • ObjectEffectMan – Acts as a manager for one ObjectEffect, which can move from object to object (e.g. for displaying the selected object).
  • ObjectInfo – Broadcasts the owner object position, so that other abilities can follow.
  • ObjectSelector – Can ascertain the selected object and forward its ID (useful for further processing, e.g. in ObjectEffectMan).

Created by

  • Vít Kovalčík (author)