Initial camera setup

As the camera is a part of Avatar object, to set-up camera, you need to set-up Avatar object. You can do this by adding following code to one of your XML files:

             <EyePosition>x1 y1 z1</EyePosition>
             <LookAt>x2 y2 z2</LookAt>

Instead of <LookAt>, you can also use <Direction>x2 y2 z2</Direction> and set up gaze direction.

If you already have a scene with movable avatar (e. g. you are using ...\InputConnector\Avatar.xml and ...\InputConnector\KeyboardMouse.xml), than you can set-up the avatar as you wish by mouse and keyboard and then pres F11 to get info about camera position and direction. Just copy the code from vrecko log file to XML file.

This is done by sending a message to Avatar ability. Such message is defined in ...\Devices\KeyboardMouse.xml by default. If you want to use it in your own XML file, there is an example:

    <Event InterconnectionType="ACTIVATE_INPUT">