Launching vrecko via Visual Studio

You may encounter several problems if you attempt to launch successfully compiled vrecko directly from Visual Studio (e.g. by F5 in Debug mode).

Windows error message

Sometimes you may encounter message which states

“Unable to start program ‘<vreckoDIR>\VRECKO\VisualStudio\vrecko\..\..\bin\vrecko.dll'”

or any other DLL instead of vrecko.dll

This means that Visual Studio attempted to launch a DLL binary of one of the projects instead of executable which (obviously) resulted in an error. To make things right, simply right-click the vreckoApp project in Solution Explorer and select Set as StartUp Project.

vreckoApp is closed at once

Another common scenario involves the following pattern:

  • vreckoApp is launched and command line window is opened
  • several error messages are printed in the opened window
  • command line window is automatically closed

This situation is usually caused by the fact that vreckoApp.exe is launched without any command line parameters. To add any desired command line parameters, do the following:

  • Open properties of the project vreckoApp (RMB -> Properties in Solution Explorer)
  • Select Configuration Properties -> Debugging in the left column
  • Set Working Directory parameter to value: ..\..\bin
  • Set command line parameters in Command Arguments box, e.g. “Data\ArtKit\Main.xml”.