Open topics

List of possible topics which we take interest in but none of them is currently in development. In case you’re interested in research of any of the given topics, we encourage you to contact us regarding further information and co-operation.

  • Haptic interaction. Usage of Phantom / ReachIn devices in vrecko.
  • Optical tracking based applications, e.g. tennis simulator.
  • Art techniques exploiting virtual environment possibilities, e.g. virtual clay scuplting.
  • Generation and visualization of additional parts of existing virtual city.
  • Interaction techniques for navigation through the virtual city.
  • Sky rendering using skybox techniques along with implementation of dynamic day-night cycle.
  • Creation (generation) of various habitats consisting of plants and animals, along with their simulation.
  • Usage of NVIDIA PhysX engine in virtual environment.
  • Interesting students’ own ideas are welcomed as well.