Virtual Environment Kit for Visual Arts

Virtual Environment Kit for Visual Arts (VEKVA) is a name of the dissertataion by Jiří Chmelík. As a part of this research, the Art Kit plug-in for vrecko framework was developed. This page shortly introduce this research topic and mainly presents selected art results created during the research.


The aim of VEKVA project is to explore the possibilities of virtual environment utilization for artistic purposes.  A modular virtual environment kit “Art Kit” supporting various art techniques was implemented as a part of this research. The “Art Kit” demonstrates how the creative process can be enriched by adapting existing artistic concepts to the new medium – virtual environment.

VEKVA project can be adapdet to different working set-ups, but our main focus is in non-immersive virtual environments, based on a real-time spatial tracking of a user and a real-time, stereoscopic rendering.

Detailed information about this research project can be found in this PhD thesis.

Art Techniques

Each art technique presents a different style of usage of the virtual environment in an artistic process. Following pages contain short introductions to techniques, but mainly present resulting art-works in form of rendered images, photos and videos.

To date, following art techniques were implemented and tested: